Holley ScaffoldHolley Scaffolding Shoring

Holley Scaffolding are experts at showing. Shoring is used to support the beams and floors in a building while a construction is taking place. Shoring is designed to prevent collapse and provide temporary support to structures it is commonly found in high-shoring heights such as in building lobbies, mechanical floors, and water storage tanks.

Holley Scaffold’s quality prefabricated shoring components offer reliable support for beams, floors and other horizontal formwork at the construction site. Commonly found in lobbies, mechanical floors, and water storage tanks, they are highly recommended for high-shoring heights. They are specifically designed to prevent breakdown by providing temporary support to structures during construction.

Holley Scaffolding Hydro-Mobile

Save time and money with our new Hydro-Mobiles which allow access platforms for the transport of men and material. These mast climbing lifts help rapidly transport all types of construction material required by a subcontractor, including HVAC, plumbing, framing, doors, windows, electrical and more. They can also be used for including debris removal. Hydro-Mobile offers an intelligent, cost effective alternative to current solutions.

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